We had another run of somewhat disappointing housing data where does that leave us in this cycle? 2016 is unfortunately looking a lot like 2015 and we are not seeing a lot of growth in the purchase market for a couple of reasons 1. that the world economy is still very difficult for millennials to feel very good about making that first time home buy. But on the other hand there's still historic low interest rates right now still so if people have to refinance we think it's a heck of an opportunity. We think the big push from the housing prospective for next year is going to be is how do they use technology to really drive that lending experience. It is one of those spaces that really hasn't been disrupted yet and we think a lot of the big banks are trying to figure out how to use the mobile apps and how to really use and get more digital technology to be able to get to the consumer. What's our read on markets generally? There's talk about the divide, how big is it between all the time highs extent on stocks and the weaker underline trend here housing included for the economy? It's definitely a mixed bag the stocks are higher and necessarily don't get that feeling of confidence of rages and earnings right now. So we are still just borderline and you look at the bottom market there's not nearly as much liquidity you would think there would be. So you will see within the next 6 months it could be a little choppy and volatile but lower interest rates will help a lot of businesses and the housing market going forward. That has been the hope for a while, low growth and high liquidity it's gotten us where we are today. Which is where exactly?