There's a huge difference in terms when you look at the Miami-Dade, Palm Beach County market compared to houses for sale in the Tampa Bay area!

If you look at Pinellas County, Hillsborough, Pasco and even Manatee County. People are very excited about this town but why? Is it cheaper? Is it a different kind of buyer? What is it that's driving it? So when you look at Pinellas and Hillsborough County you'll realize that majority of buyers are coming from the United States or Europe most of the Tampa Bay area buyers tend to come from South America, Russia and China. Where as the Europeans are more of the steady buyers group have been in Miami and Palm Beach County. What was the average price in Palm Beach County this quarter? According to Jonathan Miller Samuel report this past quarter average home sold for $16.5 million. What do you get for Miami versus Tampa? So in Tampa FL Waterfront 3 Bedrooms or More Homes For Sale around 4,387 Sq Ft home, private pool around $599,000 to $900,00.00. In Miami-Dade County for $599,000 most likely you will find it's slim pickings.