Are You A First Time Home Buyer Searching For Clearwater, Florida Homes For Sale?

We understand searching for popular places to live in the Tampa Bay area might not be so easy!

 Millennials might have been slowed down to dip their toes in the home-buying market! Millennial home ownership dipped to a low of 36% in 2014. But now maybe a better time than ever to consider jumping in! It's more affordable and with current mortgage rates are at the lowest levels ever but with interest rates rising mortgage rates could be heading higher too! So don't be surprised to see some increases down the road and also low inventory has made the competition stiff for Clearwater Florida real estate waterfront starter homes so it's not a bad idea to get in before others drive the prices up! The high cost of living from rising rents continue to weigh in on millennials buying a home is 23% cheaper than renting nationwide according to Trulia. Title lending standards have put pressure on monthly renters because in many places there's no viable alternative. It does depend on the city you live in but according to Trulia here are some of the top spots for buying beats renting are: Clearwater Florida, Houston Texas, Miami Florida and New Orleans. If you plan to stay a while our Clearwater Florida real estate agents say buying might be a great option for you if you know you plan to stay put for 5 years or more this way you're building up equity instead of throwing it away on rent and you'll have something to show for all of those monthly payments. But our Tampa Bay area real estate professionals also say that it is important not to bite off more than you can chew make sure that you are financially comfortable enough to make a big purchase. So if you're looking to purchase a beautiful piece of property in Clearwater,Florida from a condo or a single family home be sure to calculate the monthly cost factor in taxes and plenty of upkeep! If you can handle all of that and then the current market might be a great buying opportunity for you!