What do experts think about these urban Millennials have peaked and can people buy the houses they want? Well they can't buy the house they want unless they're one of the small group that actually bought in the urban centers like Washington DC for example the Millennials are now moving I'm to the suburbs. But after that they can't afford to buy and that's not going to change until lenders and Regulators begin to reduce this vice grip on credit and also allow greater leverage. That's why you seem a disproportionate amount of Millennials doing FHA Loans as opposed to Conventional loans which drive the market. So the very housing collapse that psychologically has made them sort of wary of homeownership is the very reason why don't have access to it even if they come around to the idea? Yes, because one of the things that Millennials have is that they've seen a collapse in the housing market where baby boomers and those behind us have seen generations of housing appreciation is a great investment and so there's a fear factor of losing money plus now if they get more comfortable with buying a home and the cost of rent and on an after-tax basis is now more than what it cost to buy they can't qualify. People are wondering if one of the other things that millennials have seen not just the housing collapse but they also seen a tremendous amount of student debt that many of them are still carrying. How has that affected the prices of the types of homes that they're looking for and their overall ability to even get a loan at all? Experts think the Millennials are burdened with a disproportionate amount of student debt that makes their ratios in terms of qualifying for loans conventional loans more difficult. The buying power based on their disposable income being absorbed in part by paying student debt forces them to go out into the suburbs. They probably want to stay in the city but they can go out of the city limits in Tampa, Washington DC, Chicago or other major cities and they can cut their costs by half for the same price or by double the house or double the home in the suburbs!