Mortgage rates as we see it has dropped even lower than last week and that push mortgage applications up 10%. Refinance is continued their rise up 11% and applications to buy a home finally made a decisive move they went up 9% of this as a 30-year fixed fell to the lowest level since January of 2015. That's the good news folks the bad news is the spring housing market has been plagued by high prices. Home buyers today are not willing to overpay especially knowing that about five million borrowers are still underwater on their mortgages that of course is the remnants of an epic housing crash. But what if you could ensure your home equity? We are not kidding Dallas based  is betting on it! They're launching a down payment insurance program today right so here's how it works let's say you put $20,000 down on a $200,000 home so that you pay a one-time upfront premium of about $1,200 that of course will depend on what the value of your home is not value insured will ensure the losses on that down payment if you have to sell and the force if your home value has dropped. A lot of folks have talked about a product like this over the last several years but this is actually the first offering so the question now is of course isn't worth it? Why not just pay into your home yourself.