The appeal of home ownership in the Tampa Bay area is coming back with a vengeance even among younger millennials who supposedly sorrowed on it due to the housing crash. Tampa Bay Realtors found 30% of those surveys said their primary reason for buying was the simple desire to own. And that's up from 24% than last years survey when you break out first time buyers who tend to be younger the jump is even higher and more significant 64% said it was a desired  to own a home in the Tampa Bay up from 53% just a year ago. The desire for a bigger home or more a job related re-locations. Those were distant 2nd and 3rd reasons for buying. And this comes as the nations homes ownership rates sits at the lowest level in half a century but in quarterly 3 the rate didn't fall further and that's the first time that's happen in 2 years. Americans seem to finally see housing as more valuable and investable again.  Thanks to rising prices home for sale in the Tampa Bay area that though comes with tougher affordability which has kept first time Tampa home buyers on the sidelines their share of total buying falling again in the survey compared to a year ago.