We're coming off of the best year we've had since 2007! And because it's of forecasting additional growth and additional increase in home prices next year that does make it the best year! Roughly, 3% for both actually. Now this is for new home sales,existing home sales, dollar volume, transaction volume? 3% for sales just existing. We actually have more significant increase expected in new home sales of 16%. What's driving that? Well, first of all it's actually have finally seen growth in the builders. We had to see growth and single family starts to be able to have the product for people to buy and in particular what you seen over the last couple of years is builders have been avoiding that the more affordable entry-level price point.

 We're already seeing movement that last week's report on new home sales show that the median new home price is finally coming down and that's a good sign that builders are positioning communities and product for a more affordable price. Does lack of millennials home buyers changing? It's definitely changing this year number one age demographic for buyers is 25 to 34 years old they represented about 30% of all sales according to data from the National Association of Realtors. And is that higher than it use to be? That's higher than it has been the last couple of years and trending towards normal which is more around 36-37%.

 We've been looking at detailed purchase mortgages this year and through September with older Millennials 25 to 34 yrs old represented 35% of the purchase mortgages so far this year.

The top 10 hottest markets for 2016? Providence, Warwick Rhode Island,St. Louis Missouri, San Diego California, Sacramento Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis. What makes those the top 8? It represents the wonderful diversity of housing and where we are in this recovery. So, you have a collection of different types of markets. You have markets that have been hot this year and are basically continuing into next year. Those are places like San Diego. But these places are not cheap living and what is drawing people to live there? There's different trends, part of it is they all have an underlying strong local economy and or significant improvement expected for next year. The 4 of the markets are what causes the people to say, "really you're expecting Providence, St.Louis, Virginia Beach?" Well, yes their about 4 years behind other markets in the recovery. And their economic outlook for next year is actually stronger. We are seeing demand and really an increase.